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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair !

Silk’n Flash & Go is a revolutionary light-based system which provides permanent results. Its’ technology is perfect for sensitive areas such as bikini lines but versatile enough for
larger areas such as legs and arms. It removes unwanted hair on the body and face with permanent results that are easy, safe and painless to achieve.
The Silk’n Flash & Go will save you hundreds of dollars vs. professional treatment.
No more waxing, shaving or plucking!

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Before Treatment VS After Treatment

arm before silkn epilator
arm after silkn epilator
chin before flash and go
chin after flash and go

What makes Flash&Go different?

Flash&Go uses gentle pulses of light energy in order to physically disable hair growth. Light energy is shot into the hair follicles and absorbed while the surrounding tissue remains at a normal temperature. This results in a virtually painless process that eliminates hair and will provide permanent results.

Silkn Flash & Go Hair Removal System Is:

FDA cleared technology, Recommended by dermatologists
Safe and user friendly
Can be used on both body & face





thumb of a chin after flash and go


Flash&Go is ideal for individuals who want:

-To rid themselves of unwanted hair.
-To treat sensitive areas (bikini line/upper lip etc.) or smaller, targeted zones.
-Speedy treatment time. The Flash&Go plugs into the wall and the pulse speed ensures a speedy treatment without having to worry that the battery will die before your session is finished.
-New technology for quicker results and increased efficacy.
-Silky smooth skin without razor burn and ingrown hairs.
-An affordable solution to hair removal
-An international plug for your convenience



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