Silk’n Flash&Go LUX - Say Goodbye to Unwanted hair!

Silk’n Flash&Go uses a revolutionary light-based system which is capable of providing permanent results. Its’ technology is perfect for those sensitive areas such as bikini lines/upper lip but is also versatile enough for larger areas such as legs and arms. It will remove unwanted hair on the body and face providing permanent results that are safe, easy and painless to attain.
The Silk’n Flash & Go device will save you hundreds of dollars compared to professional treatments.
Say goodbye to waxing, shaving or plucking!

See What Our customers Say About Silk’n Flash&Go LUX

starsI honestly didn’t even know that there were home laser hair removal systems on the market! One of my friends told me about them and I was so excited to get my hands on one

starsI purchased the new silkn flash and go LUX (with 120,000 pulses) but had a few concerns regarding the best time/hair length to do the procedure

See How It Works


Before Treatment VS After Treatment

arm before use flash and go lux
arm after use flash and go lux
chin before use flash and go lux
chin after use flash and go lux
Finger before use flash and go lux
Finger after use flash and go lux

What makes Flash&Go Lux different?

Flash & Go Lux is unique in that it uses gentle pulses of light energy in its technology which physically disables hair growth. The light energy is fired directly into the hair follicles and then absorbed whilst the surrounding tissue remains at a normal temperature. This is a virtually painless process that results in the permanent elimination of hair.

Silk'n Flash & Go Lux Is:

FDA cleared technology, Recommended by dermatologists
User friendly and safe to use
Can be used on both the body and face





B.L Finger2


Flash&Go is ideal for individuals who want:

-To get rid of any unwanted hair, anywhere on the body.
-To treat sensitive areas such as the bikini line and other smaller, targeted zones.
-A speedy treatment time. The Flash&Go comes with an (international) adaptor and plugs into the wall. The pulse speed ensures a fast treatment without worry that the battery will die before your session is completed.
-An affordable solution to hair removal
-New light based technology that provides quick results and great efficiency.
-Silky smooth skin without razor burn and ingrown hairs.


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