How does the efficacy between Silk'n devices differ?
There is no difference - all Silk'n devices use identical technology (HPL) and offer the same level of efficacy.

How long does it take to see results after starting treatment?
Most people will begin to see results after about 4 treatment sessions into using Silk'n hair removal devices. The power level should be increased after each treatment session, as your body gets used to absorbing the IPL energy.

It is important to be patient and consistent with your treatment, and to not be alarmed by hair appearing to grow post-therapy. IPL therapy works by damaging the hair shaft, which prevents hair growth. It can take up to two weeks post-treatment for hair to fall out due to the growth cycle of your hair and the intensity at which treatment is administered.

Only hair in the anagen (growth) phase of the growth cycle will be affected by IPL treatment. Hair in different areas of the body grows on different cycles. This is why multiple treatments are needed before results can be seen.

Can Silk'n hair removal devices be used anywhere on the body?
Silk'n IPL/HPL epilators are the only home-use devices currently approved for use on the face, below the cheekbone, as well as for full-body hair removal treatment. Silk'n devices are most commonly used to remove hair from the underarms, legs, back, arms, lips, chin, chest and bikini line.

It is recommended to avoid exposing your skin to the sun for at least 2 week pre- and post-treatment for best results.

How often should I use my Silk'n home-use hair removal device?
The Silk'n home-use epilators should be used once every two weeks for best results. After the first few sessions, you should only use your Silk'n device on areas where hairs have re-grown, until perfect results are achieved. The amount it time it take for complete and permanent hair removal depends on the individual. Most patients can see permanent results after 6 months of steady treatment.

Does treatment with Silk'n hurt?
If the device is used according to instructions, you should only feel a slight throb of heat as the pulse of light hits the skin. If your hair is particularly thick or dark, you may feel a slightly stronger sensation of discomfort, but this feeling subsides immediately after the treatment has finished. This sensation gets weaker with each subsequent treatment, as there are fewer hair follicles present.

How long does each lamp cartridge last?
The standard lamp cartridge holds 750 pulses, which can last for several treatments of the underarms, legs and lips. One lamp cartridge of 750 pulses is also enough for one full body treatment.

How should the device be used to achieve best results?
• Before treatment, your skin should be clean and shaved. Do not wax or use any other form of epilation for two weeks prior to treatment.
• The intensity of the pulses should be increased as you progress with your treatment. Once all targeted areas have been treated on a low setting, we recommend quickly moving to a higher level. For your safety, the Silk'n devices include a built-in sensor that ensures the first 50 pulses emitted are set at level one. Press the "-" and "+" buttons at the same time until you hear a short series of beeps to unlock the device's higher energy levels.
• Treatments should be administered once every two weeks, with results typically visible after the third or fourth session. After the fifth session, you can reduce the frequency of treatment to once every month until permanent hair removal is achieved.

Is Silk'n technology good for everyone?
Silk'n technology works by using IPL/HPL (Intense Pulsed Light/Home Pulsed Light) technology, which targets melanin (the color) in individual hair follicles to stunt growth. The darker the hair and lighter the skin, the more effective the treatment. People with light hair or dark skin may not benefit from IPL therapy.

How long do Silk'n treatment sessions take?
A full body treatment including both legs and the back can take up to 1 hour. Treating the face can take up to 10 minutes.

How can you tell if the Silk'n treatment is working?
Many patients will be able to notice a change in hair color, a change in the length of hair or the appearance of a red ring around the follicle a few minutes post-treatment. Although these signs do not always occur, it does not mean the treatment is ineffective. Most people report noticeable results two weeks after their first treatment as hair begins to thin and fall out.