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Silk'n Flash & Go Device 5,000 Pulses

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Silk׳n Flash & Go Hair Removal Device - Get rid of unwanted hair permanently with the newly designed Flash & Go epilator!

Silk'n Flash & Go Device 5,000 Pulses

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fds fds Wednesday, 01 January 2014
I was skeptical of Silk’n Flash & Go. It sounded too good to be true that a home laser machine could achieve the same results as in the spa. But after 5 quick and easy treatments that hardly hurt at all (it’s nothing compared to waxing!) I had great results and now have smooth skin in all the areas I tried (underarms, bikini so far). I also expected the machine to be very big but it was very compact and fits nicely in one of my drawers. I'm impressed.
Ayako, Japan
fds fds Wednesday, 01 January 2014
I’m the kind of person who likes to see immediate results. If in that way you are like me, you may find it a little frustrating, but please stick with it! It took me a while to see results that I was satisfied with. I treated myself about every 2 weeks for the last 4 months, it wasn’t until after 3/4 treatments that I noticed the patchiness of new hairs, but now the difference is incredible. The flash and go device itself is also small enough to fit in the corner of my makeup vanity area, so I can plug it in and start easily and see exactly what I’m doing (particularly helpful for when doing my under arm area). So stick it out and soon like me you’ll totally ditch the shaver!
Kim, Virginia
fds fds Wednesday, 01 January 2014
I honestly didn’t even know that there were home laser hair removal systems on the market! One of my friends told me about them and I was so excited to get my hands on one. The price of the unit is a little high, but so is all laser hair removal and is actually not bad at all when you compare to in-office treatments. Definitely worth looking into!
Zoe, Sydney, Australia
fds fds Wednesday, 01 January 2014
Wow I loved this product. My mom noticed the results on my neck and how much more sparse the hair is. I'm a 19 year old male and after a few months of use my hair is now only growing in weird patches on my neck and is so much more manageable than the seriously thick hair I used to have. I would get really bad reactions from shaving and I don’t know if it’s possible to be allergic to your own hair but that’s what it felt like. My mom now wants to get one of her own lol. I was a little afraid that I would feel the burn on my chin as the face can be sensitive, but I started off on a low setting then went higher, there was little to no discomfort. I didn’t really feel anything until I reached the highest level setting and even then it was just a quick snap. It wasn’t burning or hot and didn’t experience any redness. I’m very pleased with the results I’ve achieved so far, so I would definitely recommend it.
Max, Los Angeles
fds fds Wednesday, 01 January 2014
I was used to using the older version flash & go lux with 65k pulses, I found that my hair stayed completely gone for up to around 5-6 months after the first 8 recommended treatments but then I would have to replace the cartridge and re use. When I heard about the new model with 120k pulses (double that of my model) I had to try it out (I still had other areas I hadn’t done yet). I found that the new model lasted so much longer before I needed to change the cartridge, it is almost doubly effective and is also more lightweight to hold. My skin stayed smoother for soo much longer. The device also cleverly checks your skin tone to make sure that it is not too dark. For this reason I would advise using it for best results in the winter when your skin tone is lightest. Though this is one of the only laser hair removal devices that works on darker skin, it is still better on lighter skin, and just note that it may not work as well on all skin types…For me though it’s been ace.
Cathy, Nottingham, UK
fds fds Wednesday, 01 January 2014
I’ve been at war with my body hair since I hit puberty. I realize that spending close to $300 isn’t ideal but adding up the amount I’ve spent on waxing not to mention the time as well as the cost of laser in salons I thought it was a great investment. I started off testing the device on my bikini area. The only thing I was annoyed about was having to shave before using it. Shaving before yields the best results but the thought of shaving to me (a compulsive waxer), felt like I’d be going back on all the work I’d done over the last 10 years spent avoiding the shaver. Shaving issues aside I was certainly surprised and in awe. After the first couple of treatments I saw a huge difference. It didn’t take me long at all, maybe 10-15 mins compared to the hour I used to spend waxing myself. This little thing has saved me time and money. I hate other people waxing/treating me so to be able to do it from home is really the cherry on top for me.
Maria, Mississippi
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Question: How can I tell if the Flash & Go is For me?

Answer: The technology currently produced by Silk׳n HPL is the most advanced on the market, providing laser-like results that used to only be achievable in physician offices. If your desire for silky smooth skin is high, and you have the want to rid your body of any unwanted hair, then HPL could just be the solution you are searching for. Like all hair removal products, be it professional or at home, it is important to follow the recommended hair treatment protocol. It is also important to understand that a series of treatments are required for effective results. In addition to this, please read all of the following information and consider whether the treatment is suitable for you.

Question: How can I maximize my treatment results?

Answer: 1. When starting off, be sure to start with shaven and clean skin. If you really want to wax rather than shave you can however, under no circumstances can you use the device directly after waxing. It is essential that you wait a day or more until the waxing rash has gone down. Shaving is 100% preferred as it will not damage the skin and you will be able to use the device straight away.  
2. Progress quickly to high energy level. After testing all chosen treatment areas whilst using the lowest energy setting, we recommend that you progressively move up onto higher levels. The device comes with a safety feature that is designed to deliver the first 50 pulses at level one. If you wish to unlock the other energy levels, press"-" and "+" simultaneously up until you hear short consecutive beeps.
3.  Make sure to schedule treatments in two-week intervals. It is typical to see results after completing the 3rd or 4th treatment. After the initial treatments, you can begin treating monthly.

Question: Is it possible to use another method of hair removal between the Flash&Go treatments to get rid of unwanted hair?

Answer: If you would like to remove any unwanted hair in-between Flash&Go treatments you can carry on with your regular hair removal routine, this includes; shaving, waxing and plucking.

Question: How many pulses/flashes does the Flash&Go contain?

Answer: The Flash&Go device comes complete with a single lamp cartridge which contains 5,000 pulses/flashes.

Question: How long will a single treatment session take?

Answer: The timing for sessions completely varies depending on the size of the treatment area. Two full legs could take up to 30 minutes whereas both underarms could take a little less than 10 minutes. The device can be used for any length of time as it does not require batteries so you should never feel rushed trying to complete a full treatment.

Question: How often am I supposed to use the device?

Answer: Treatment sessions using Silk'n Flash&Go should be spaced every two weeks for the first three to four sessions. After these initial sessions the treatments should only be completed if hairs have visibly grown back and until your personal desired results have been achieved. The number of total sessions will vary from person to person; in general, the majority of individuals will notice a marked reduction after the fourth treatment and very good results after six treatments. Most females will require eight full sessions whereas males tend to have deeper hairs that are more stubborn and so may require ten to twelve treatments.

Question: How long will it take until I see results from Silk'n Flash&Go?

Answer: With any light-based or laser hair removal device, immediate results are unheard of. In fact you may think nothing has happened all. As the case with most users, you should see a noticeable reduction after 4 treatments. As each treatment goes on, you should increase the energy level. Whilst using the device it is important to have patience and be consistent during the hair-removal process, as hair may irregularly appear to be growing back after a treatment, though many of these hairs will fall out after two weeks.

Question: How long should I wait to use the Silk'n Flash&Go and treat myself after experiencing unprotected exposure to the sun?

Answer: As expressed in the manual, one should typically wait 4 weeks until any such treatment with the device after experiencing unprotected sun exposure. If however, there is any uncertainty about sun exposure, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer care department.

Question: Before treating myself with the Silk'n Flash&Go is there anything I should do?

Answer: Before using any Silk'n Flash&Go treatment, it is extremely important to avoid sun exposure to the treatment area for a minimum of four weeks. We strongly suggest a high level UV sunscreen (SPF 50+) and where possible to cover the treated area with clothing. The treatment area should also be cleaned using mild soap and water as well as the hairs being shaven down to skin level.

Question: Should I wear any special eye protection whilst using the Silk'n Flash&Go?

Answer: The Silk'n Flash&Go device has been carefully designed with eye-safety in mind; therefore, special eye protection is not necessary. The Flash&Go’s applicator has been fitted with a unique safety mechanism assuring safe treatment to the targeted hairs. The device will not function unless the applicator tip has been firmly placed on the skin. There will be some flashing light visible from around the sides of the applicator tip though this is not harmful light and is similar to that of a camera flash.


Silk׳n Flash & Go 5000 Pulses

Don't miss out on the cost-effective, FDA and CE approved Silk'n Flash&Go compact hair removal device for the face and body! Flash&Go's new design allows you to focus on specific treatment areas safely and easily. Watch as your hair disappears in a flash without ever leaving the comfort of your home and say goodbye to the expensive and painful salon treatments you're used to.

The Flash & Go kit contains:

• Silkn Flash&Go device
• 5,000 HPL pulses
• New design for hand-held comfort
• Power cord


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