silk'n sensepilXL 65,000 pulses

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Want to get rid of body hair once and for all? intended for home-use, the acclaimed Silk'n SensEpil XL 65k epilator is your top choice!

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fds fds Wednesday, 01 January 2014
After the 3rd time of using the Sensepil I noticed a huge difference in hair thickness, and hair growth, my legs are now smoother than ever. Bye bye razor! I was a bit nervous about the investment but it was well worth the money. When my hair does grow back it is very patchy and I reckon a couple more treatments ought to do it.
Christine Muller, Germany
fds fds Wednesday, 01 January 2014
For years I have been overwhelmed with unwanted hair. I’m a licensed aesthetician and work closely with a great dermatologist, and so I have tried every hair removal under the sun. I have tried professional IPL machines and must admit that the results from sensepil are just as amazing! I love how clinical treatments are now being made available to use at home so I can use them on a schedule that works for me (taking my 10 month old daughter to a salon isn’t exactly an option). After only a couple of treatments, I observed fewer hairs growing back, and those that did were so much finer than they used to be! I’m really looking forward to the results after a few more.
Tuula Wahlman, Finland
fds fds Wednesday, 01 January 2014
This small system is so much better than waxing! After completing the recommended treatment number I hardly top up at all, maybe once every couple of months. A word of CAUTION – do make sure before buying it that your hair and skin types are compatible, a friend of mine ordered it and then realized she wasn’t skin compatible (she had very tanned skin) and ended up sending it back. The company were very understanding and refunded her immediately. The machine has a built in gismo that will make sure your skin is compatible before flashing so it’s all very clever.
Kárpáti Sasa, Hungary
fds fds Wednesday, 01 January 2014
One thing I love about this unit, is that I don’t have to buy any extra add ons (like cartridges). I have used the device on my arms, legs and other small areas and after 6 treatments on all areas the unit is still going strong. The laser face is big enough to keep things going quickly but also small enough to treat smaller areas. I found it easy to use and the DVD it came with very helpful. One tip I have is try not to go over the same area twice because that is how you can burn yourself! I haven’t yet done it as I am very cautious with it but if you are worried a friend of mine who uses it actually uses an old eye liner to mark where she’s done, also use good lighting! I would recommend it to everyone who has suitable skin/hair type, it’s done me wonders.
Marie Fleischer, Greenland
fds fds Wednesday, 01 January 2014
I am of Mediterranean descent and my hair is quite coarse/dark hair. I’ve been using the silkn sensepil for a year and a half now, on my legs, underarms and upper-lip. I cannot believe the difference, there is about 70-80% reduction in all areas apart from my upper-lip which has completely disappeared now. I honestly never imagined a day would come where shaving would be a thing of the past. The machine itself is a light pulsed machine and is the closest home use device that I know of, to those used in salons…before trying the device I had one session of laser and it hurt like a #*&%$*!!! I’m very sensitive, which is why I love the Sensepil so much as it doesn’t hurt at all. I’m a definite fan.
Ella Kaur, UK
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Silk'n SensepilXL 65,000 Pulses



The new Silk'n SensepilXL will help you to get silky legs, smooth underarms and a perfect bikini line – for life!

The device is equipeed with over 65,000 flashes; virtually limitless supply of hair removal treatments. 

The Silk'n SensEpil XL IPL has been upgraded to provide additional safety for the detection of dark skin tones' If your skin is too dark, it will not activate the pulses. The SensEpil Sensor also uses skin contact to activateso there is no need to use pressure, which in turn allows for faster treatments (approximately 15-20 minutes.).

The Silk'n SensepilXL is clinically proven and FDA cleared.
The Silk'n SensEpil is affordable , safe, and easy to use in the comfort of your own home.

The SensEpil uses Home Pulsed Light Technology. HPL provides long-term hair removal results, leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth as well as hair free! After continuous time of use, you will achieve successful results!
Usually after the first treatment hair might start to grow back, but within a week or two the hair will fall out leaving you with your desired results.


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