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Eddie Green, New Zealand "Good deal for 10 lamps, will start using the Silkn pro device on more areas, delivery took about 14 days and customer service was professional"


Carlos Selman, Spain "Silkn edge is a good and reliable product for men, great deal money wise, high quality service, and fast shipping - what else can you ask for" 


Katya Hetherington, South Africa "Everything worked great, thank you for a great product and the affordable prices" 


Anna Castro, Brazil "I made the order and got a tracking number within 24 hours, very professional service" 


Albena Mihov, Bulgaria "Nice deal and good service"


Charlene Ungaro, Malta "100% satisfied with my product, my body hair is gone!" 


Benjamin Shaw, Australia "Thank you for a smooth transaction to Australia"


Carolina Chaves, Brazil "Thank you for helping me with the order, your patience and good customer service, I will shop here again"


 Evandro Roque Zamboni, Brazil "Very good procuct and very fast delivery. Thank you!"

Ellen.N. Diary

Areas Treated: underarms 

I am 23 year of age, and have always wanted to get rid of my underarm hair. I hate shaving my underarms because hair re-growth causes the skin to itch, as well as leaves me prone to painful in-growing hairs. Despite this, I have always shaved since I can’t bear to have ugly underarm hair! I have tried many methods of hair removal, from waxing to depilatory creams, but none of them worked for me. Then I was introduced to Silk’n BellaLite a hair removal device which can be used in the home – and this solved all my problems. The unit is designed to get rid of unwanted hair for good – after a number of treatments. I was very excited at the thought of never having to shave again, and couldn’t wait to try out the device. Before use, I read the instruction manual all the way through, so that I could understand how the HPL (Home pulsed light) technology worked as well as find out useful information about hair growth itself.

After the First Treatment

I found BellaLite far easier to use than I had imagined even on first use, and it took only two minutes to treat each underarm. On plugging the unit in, and switching it on, I treated the two areas with six flashes each at energy level 1. It didn’t hurt at all, I simply felt a slightly warm sensation, and a minor ‘prick’ throughout the treatment. The treatment was so easy to administer – the ‘ready beep’ really helped too – there to let you know that the next flash was ready.

After the Second Treatment

As recommended I scheduled my second session two weeks after the first – I’m amazed to say I was quite looking forward to the treatment! At the same time as scheduling my treatment sessions I scheduled photo sessions too on the calendar, counting down the days ‘til the next one was due. After cleansing and shaving the treatment areas I got the BellaLite system ready for operation, and boosted the energy level to two. If I’m being honest I was slightly worried it might hurt this time, because of the increased energy – so I tested it on my outer arm first. I needn’t have been concerned, since it was, again completely pain-free. I could now relax and look forward to getting rid of my unwelcome hair. Again I used six flashed on each underarm – and was done and dusted within five minutes!

After the Third Treatment

Two weeks later and it was time to have my third session using the BellaLite system. I hadn’t noticed much hair reduction up until now, so I was beginning to wonder if this method of removal was all hype – waiting to see if I get any results soon.

After the Fourth Treatment

Happy to say I needn’t have been skeptical – after this treatment I finally got some great results. An entire section of hair from underneath my left arm had totally disappeared! Now that I had used the unit for the fourth time, I found that level 3 worked the best for me – causing only a slight amount of discomfort during the treatment.

After the Fifth Treatment

I could hardly wait for this treatment session and kept checking the calendar to see how far I’d come. By now I was so pleased with the results that I kept mentioning it to friends (boyfriend included!) They were intrigued and all of them wanted to try out my new device – and after I’m finished with my treatment I’m more than happy to share. They just need to buy new cartridges to make use of the BellaLite over and over again. The next treatment is my last and I can’t wait to see the final results!

After the Sixth Treatment

Last blog coming soon! Don’t miss it!


I’m really happy with the results I got from using BellaLite. Despite all the promises about what it could do, I wasn’t convinced until I actually saw for myself. This must be one of the most revolutionary hair removal products on the market for the home based sector, given that it’s very easy to use and gets such excellent and permanent results. The system is also cost-effective since the unit only needs to be bought once, with each flash cartridge providing around 750 flashes. The BellaLite unit is compact and easy to store as well as being lightweight and transportable. I would definitely recommend BellaLite to anyone who wants to get rid of their unwanted hair for good – in the privacy of their own home. As soon as I’m finished the treatment you will get my latest update.

Nikki.K Diary

Areas Treated: Entire Body
I am 25 year of age and am of Asian background, having grown up surrounded by hair-free women, since to have hair – even a tiny amount – was frowned upon. Compared with other Asians I soon realized that I was far hairier, and started to feel very embarrassed about his, so I decided to do something about it. I hated the thought of having to wax or shave for the rest of my life, so I decided to consult a clinic which specialized in laser hair removal. Unfortunately I found I would never be able to afford the prices they charged – they were astronomical! Luckily I heard from a colleague about the new BellaLite light-based home hair removal system – I loved the idea of being able to get rid of unwanted hair without leaving the house – as well as the price! I did some research and came across some phenomenal reviews, which made my mind up – I had to try it! I was impressed with the look of the unit – small and cute, and couldn’t wait to try it out.

After the First Treatment

It didn’t take long to get used to the light flashes and tiny zaps in the first treatment, and the process was fast, only taking three quarters of an hour to treat the whole body. I couldn’t see a noticeable difference after the treatment, but I was keen to continue with the rest.

After the Second Treatment

Once again I couldn’t detect a noticeable difference in hair reduction, but I continued to increase the energy level gradually, as recommended – since the higher the energy level the speedier the results.

After the Third Treatment

After this session I began to notice results – my hair seemed to be growing more slowly, and I needed to shave less. I couldn’t believe my treatment was beginning to work!

After the Fourth Treatment

The fourth treatment was a milestone for me where I started to find patches of smooth hair-free skin. This made me realize how great it was going to feel being free from unwanted hair. At this stage I was up to a level 4 in energy and I decided to stay at this level, since it seemed to be working for me, and was comfortable. My hair was growing much more slowly now with noticeably smoother arms. I took this photo a few days after shaving. I can’t wait to continue the treatments until I’m totally hair-free.

After the Fifth Treatment

Now that I knew the treatments were working, I couldn’t wait for the next treatment. Even the hair roots which were visible during my last treatment seem to have almost disappeared. This means that where the root is gone, the hair will stop growing – so, silky smooth skin and tiny bikinis here I come!


I feel really privileged to be chosen as a participant in this study. I can honestly say after using the BellaLite I am more confident about my body, and no longer worry when I wear skimpy outfits including shorts. Having hair-free skin has also meant I no longer need to spend vast amounts of time shaving – at least three times a week, plus the mess! The BellaLite kit is also convenient to carry and easy to store since it’s so compact. The fact it is so easy to use is another advantage – you simply plug in and start treatment with no waiting times and no mess, and treatment sessions are short, which is perfect for people with busy lives – myself included.
I would definitely recommend Silk’n BellaLite to anyone who wants to get rid of unwanted hair for keeps. I can guarantee that you will see results, and experience hardly any discomfort.

Paula.B Diary

Areas Treated: legs
When it comes to body hair I lose on three counts:

• My hair is very dark
• My hair is coarse
• My hair is disinclined to leave my body

This friendly, 26 year old girl just happens to originate from one of the most hairy ethnic groups going – Russians. Since I seem to have a knack of resembling a sasquatch after not shaving for just a day – what else can a hairy gal do other than try out the newest hair removal gadget on the market – the Silk’n BellaLite?

The BellaLite system is incredibly easy to use. Simply plug in, set the energy level (to start with its recommended to set the device to its lowest level), press the unit to the skin, and press the button on the console to activate the pulse. You will hear a quick ‘pop’ as the unit zaps the selected treatment area. The unit will go into refractory mode for a few seconds – after which you can zap the next area. It’s important to remember that at this stage the BellaLite won’t actually remove the hairs – but it is starting to destroy the hair follicles, and that’s why you have to use the device on skin which is shaved.

Like many others I have tried other devices in the past, which left me extremely disappointed. I found the stinging sensation they passed over the skin quite uncomfortable – not to mention the unpleasant aroma of burning hair! My room reeked – my skin reeked – and the device reeked. Happily, Silk’n BellaLite is totally different since you apply the device to shaved areas – and it’s not painful to use – in fact I could barely notice the zaps, and the only sensation I felt was slight warmth.

After Three Weeks of Leg Treatment

There are completely hair-free areas which haven’t grown back at all! The other hairs have taken a long time to grow back too, and after each use there is less and less hair growing back. Roll on summer – I’m going to be completely rid of my unwelcome leg hair.


If I had to say anything negative about this product it would have to be that darker skinned ladies and men cannot take part in the action. This is because this form of light-based hair removal has the potential to damage darker skin or change the pigmentation. But – apart from that I’m ecstatic, over-the moon and totally in love with Silk’n BellaLite.

When it comes to price, it might seem a hefty price tag, and for lots of us it’s a big outlay. But it is so worth the money if you hate your body hair as much as I do. And when you consider the cost (and pain) of shaving, waxing or expensive salon electrolysis treatments it pays for itself in the long run. If you want permanent hair removal, which is safe and can be carried out in the comfort of your own home – you cannot beat the BellaLite, in my opinion.

Chris.B Diary

Areas Treated: chin and stomach

I hail from the Middle East and I’m in my 30s. I have always been prone to excessive hair which just never seems to stop growing! I can’t even step outside my door without waxing first, but this seems to cause all sorts of problems including in-growing hairs and red bumps. If I don’t wax I have to wear a scarf beneath my chin which is very inconvenient at times. It got so bad I even started considering costly salon laser hair removal treatments, which would have meant paying out hundreds of dollars per session. Then, finally, and miraculously the solution appeared and I was lucky enough to find out about Silk’n BellaLite, a hair removal device which gives great results and can be used in the comfort of your own home. To be honest, I think I would have given most things a try at this point to get rid of my problem hair – and I was a little skeptical at first. I decided to concentrate on a section of my stomach and my chin to start with, and if I got great results then I would continue to treat the rest of my body. My sister also started with treatments – and she, too, has been getting fabulous results. Neither of us can wait to finish the entire set of treatment sessions!

After the First Treatment

I held the device in my hand and carefully flashed it on to the treatment area. I had some trepidation at first, having experienced the pain of waxing or using an epilator, but was relieved to find that at the moment of the flash, there was only the tiniest of pinches – over in a second. In fact it really felt like nothing at all. I was pleased to find that large areas can be treated at one time, meaning my treatment sessions lasted under 10 minutes. All-in-all I was looking forward to the next treatment.

After the Second Treatment

I soon became more familiar with the new device, and the second treatment was a breeze. I knew I no longer needed to be scared of the flash and that the heat sensation was perfectly normal. As recommended I increased the energy level on the unit by one, to level two and repeated the second session with no problems. I also noticed that the hair was growing less thickly than before, although it was still noticeable. I was really looking forward to the next session so that I can see even more improvement.

After the Third Treatment

I didn’t get the buzz of really noticeable results in the third treatment – but, the skin on my stomach did feel a bit smoother. I decided to give treating other areas on the body a go, even though I had said I would wait. I wish I had taken photos of my legs and arms so I could see the results I was experiencing – although they did take a little longer to treat it was well worth the effort.

After the Fourth Treatment

This is when I started to get really noticeable results when I looked at the two different treatment areas. I was not experiencing as many ingrown hairs and hair was now patchy in the chin area. Hair on my stomach area was almost gone, meaning I would soon no longer need to shave. My arms and legs showed the largest change in hair reduction – which is why I wish I had the photos with the results. But overall I was extremely happy with the results – huge hair reduction in all the right places! I am now planning a vacation to somewhere hot with my sister, which means I won’t be able to treat for a time – if I wanted to continue treatment I would have to cover up and wait for a month after the holiday to recommence treatment. That’s because my treatment areas might be tanned making my skin too sensitive for the treatment. And, due to a change in my skin pigment, it would be more difficult for the hair removal device to tell the difference between the hair pigment and the skin pigment on my arm. When my tan disappears I will be excited to finish the six treatments. For the first time in my life I won’t have to wear a neck scarf – and I can wear shorts whenever I want! In all honesty this is the best experience of my life – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BellaLite to anyone.

Eve.P Diary

Areas Treated: underarms, fingers, chin, upper lip
I was lucky to come across the new Silk’n BellaLite hair removal system recently – a system which can treat anywhere on the body, from the cheekbones down, and is designed to be used in the home. From my research into all the similar products on the market the BellaLite stood out because it is capable of treating far greater areas than its competitors. In fact it can treat areas six times as big as the closest similar devices out there. I also found so many glowing reviews and recommendations by top dermatologists – so I couldn’t wait to get hold of this device. I wanted to treat my face and the hair of my rather manly fingers!

After the First Treatment

Before I used the device for the first time, I have to admit I was a little scared since I was going to be using it on the face. Before commencing treatment I had to shave the areas to be treated – shaving the face is not the most pleasant thing for a woman – and I’m aware that shaving can cause hair to grow back coarser and thicker. Because of my concerns I rang the manufacturer’s customer services department who told me that if I don’t want to shave, then I could just trim back the hair as far back as possible. They also recommended that I put white surgical tape on my lips in case the machine detected the darker pigment in this area and started to treat it. I didn’t have any surgical tape – so my solution was to purse my lips together, so the lip color was covered. I found out afterwards that after treatment with BellaLite skin doesn’t grow back thicker – it actually becomes finer – so I needn’t have worried in the first case.

After the Second Treatment

My facial hair did not seem to want to go, but it didn’t grow back as thickly, so I was happy to continue with the treatments. There was no marked difference to my fingers either.

After the Third Treatment

It was after the third treatment that I really started to get results – less hair was growing on my fingers, and I no longer needed to shave my face, since the hairs were hardly growing back at all. I have to admit I was really impressed with the speed at which I was getting results – after only three treatments!

After the Fourth Treatment

The results were similar to those seen after the third treatment – just one or two stray hairs on my fingers, and a real decrease in facial hair. I didn’t see a huge change from the previous treatment and I was really hoping that the next treatment will get me even better results, or at least get rid of more hair. I was using energy level 3 at the time, and was keen to go up a further level to get better results.
I would recommend this device to anyone – young or old. You do need to be patient because at the early stages progress may seem slow, but you will notice a significant difference – it really does work. All parts of the body can be treated, too – even the fingers! I can’t wait to see the final results and compare the difference between the before and after pics.

Sally. S Diary

Areas Treated: legs and arms

I had heard about the latest at home laser hair removal device, BellaLite, but I was skeptical about it – especially since you had to shave first before using the device.

After First Few Treatments

I was surprised to find that, after the first treatment I did notice a difference. There was less hair on both my arms and legs, and even patches of hair-free skin. After the second treatment I could tell that my hair was re-growing more slowly, and that there was less hair overall – which continued after subsequent treatments. I am very impressed with this product, and found it really easy to use.

After the Fourth Treatment

If you’re like me with three children at home, you will have found that there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. BellaLite is the perfect product because it is easy to use, and treatment is quick – and you have the convenience to carry out treatments in the comfort of your home, whenever you like. Laser hair removal in a clinic is far more expensive too. I highly recommend this product for both men and women – my husband is considering using the device to get rid of some chest hair.

I felt this product was really effective and got me great results. I will carry on using the system until I have banished all my unwanted hair – with no re-growth.

Mona.Y Diary

Areas Treated: underarms, arms and legs

My nationality is Italian Canadian and I’m in my mid 50s. It was my husband who told me about this home laser hair removal system – but I wasn’t convinced. However I decided to find out more about the product and thought I would give it a go. I also asked my sisters to try out the system with me.

I was very pleased with the look of the product – the BellaLite is light and compact – and also, so easy to use. The treatment schedule was very easy to follow too, and the instruction booklet was very clear. Whenever I needed to I would refer to the booklet, especially at the start since I didn’t understand what the flashing lights meant.

After the First Treatment

I got really impressive results right from the first treatment. I could definitely see a difference in the amount of hair growth. The treatment was not painful at all, and I had no side effects. I was so impressed I decided to call the customer service department to congratulate them on such a great product. I also wanted to find out a little more about the company and how it started. Turned out I was one of their ideal target customers, since I have fair skin and dark hair, and that’s the reason I got such great results right from the start. The contrast between my hair and skin makes the device work at its best.

After the Second Treatment

I began to notice an even greater reduction of hair where it was growing back in patches and I continued to treat all treatment areas.

After the Third Treatment

The hair continued to grow in patches without disappearing entirely. I decided to increase the energy level hoping that this would get me more effective results. I remembered reading the instructions and being told by customer services that levels should only be increased by one at a time.

After the Fourth Treatment

I was amazed to see such a big reduction in hair after such a short period of time. I continued to see a decrease in hair, and am now certain that if I finish the course of treatments I will be entirely hair-free. It’s lucky I decided to use the BellaLite system before my hair goes grey, because the device doesn’t work on light hair. I’ve waited a long time for this product – and I would recommend it to anyone. I would also be happy to answer anyone’s queries and allay any concerns. Thank You Silk’n BellaLite for such a great experience!